We’ll be kicking off the season tomorrow with our annual start of season work party to get the club ready for the year. Please try to come if you can since we need a fair amount of people to lift and carry boats.

Dress in sturdy work clothes that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty. Work gloves are a plus. If you have waders,​ tall​​ waterproof boots,​ a wetsuit, or a drysuit bring that as well.​ ​

After the work is done (~3pm), we’ll adjourn to Aubree’s in Dexter for pizza & social hour – the club will pay for the pizza and there’s a cash bar.

Some details:

  • Work officially starts at at 1pm, although some will be arriving earlier.
  • We’ll move all the boats out of the boathouse, step the masts, and otherwise prepare the fleet for the season.
  • Most of the boats are already on the lawn – there’s only ​a few left to carry out of the boathouse.
  • The standing portion of the dock is already installed thanks to the team.
  • We​’ll push the floating portion of the dock into position and anchor it down.
  • The clubhouse needs to be put back together.
  • Please remember to sign the liability waiver for the 201​6​
    season. They’ll be available at dock-in.
  • Pizza and social hour around 3!

Should be a great, fun day. Hope to see you tomorrow.

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