Help Wanted

Here’s a list of opportunities to help keep the club running smoothly.  The (elected) Executive Board does a lot of the work to keep the place running smoothly, but the more other members pitch in to help out, the better.  If you are interested in filling one of these positions, or would like to craft one of your own, talk to a club officer or email

Like everything at the club, all of these are volunteer positions.  With any of them you don’t need to do it all – find other members to help, just make sure that it’s getting done.


duties:  Maintain the picture board at the club by photographing members and putting the pictures up on the wall with their names.  Take other pictures on a regular basis and share on social media (club website, facebook, instagram, etc.)

duties: Keep an eye on the kitchen and bar-b-que area to make sure they are in ship-shape. Make sure we are stocked with drinking water, paper towels, plastic cutlery, propane, dish soap and other cleaning supplies.  Throw out any “science experiments” in the fridge.  Monitor the Saturday lunch signup and arrange to have someone prepare the lunch every week.

duties: Plan fun events at the club such as sailing games, lawn games, social hour, meetup at a bar, campfires, sing-alongs,  movie nights, camp-outs – and whatever you think might be fun.

duties: Keep an eye on the lawn and call our lawn service when it needs to be cut.  Arrange to have boats with lots of undergrowth moved so the lawn service can get to it.  Do some additional trimming with a weed-whacker to get the places the lawn service misses.  Other gardening as interest dictates.

duties: Some of our members don’t have cars, and there are some folks who might become members if they had transportation.  Figure out a mechanism for pairing up riders with drivers.

duties: We tell prospective members to show up Saturdays at one for a brief orientation and introductory sailboat ride.  Make sure someone is there to greet our prospective new members and give them rides.

duties: Co-ordinate the design and selling of Sailing Club merchandise like shirts, hats, mugs, etc. Could be done fairly easily via Cafe Press or similar organization.

Here are some positions where we have  multiple openings – the more, the merrier:

duties:  Help out at boat school Saturday mornings and Thursday evenings. We need many instructors and there’s always room for one more. Contact the vice-commodore (Meg) for details

duties: Help to maintain the fleet.  Contact the fleet captain (Carey) for details.

duties: write articles and/or post pictures on the club website.  Contact the secretary (Andy) for details.

duties: Sign up for shifts to open the club for Open Sailing. We try to be open every weekday evening plus weekend days, but we are dependent on volunteers to commit to open the club.  By signing up for a shift, other members know that we’ll be open that time.  NOTE: You’ll need at least a key rating to do this, but earning one is not as hard as you might think.

duties: agree to open the club for racing/open sailing on race days, be there at the appointed time, put out the course, help pair up crews with skippers. Feel free to sign up for one or more shifts.



The following positions are currently filled, but if you are interested you can ask to help or maybe take over next season.


duties: Go through the club archives and determine what to do with it.
Currently held by Meg Gower