Meet Rob Compton, Dockmaster


Rob has sailed boats most of his adult life. He holds a USCG LICENSE for Captain of 50 tons vessels with a sailing and Towing endorsement and near coastal, which is anything up to 200 miles off shore. He charters his 1983 Catalina 30 boat on Lake Erie for weekend and day sails and also run charters in the US and British Virgin Islands on large catamarans. Rob’s advice to new sailors: The best place to learn to sail is on small boats and on medium size lakes. You learn sail trim faster and better than on a big boat and racing is always a great next step to perfect and hone your skills.  What you learn on small boats will take you far on large boats.

Rob is at the Club most Thursday nights at 6pm and available to give lessons and help people with their Basic and Key rating skills and requirements

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