Night sailing this Saturday night

UPDATE:  It rained all evening and the wind howled so nobody got to sail that evening.  We’ll try again next month.

We’re planning to be open for sailing after sunset this Saturday evening (June 27). We do this a couple of times a year when the moon is full (or almost full like it will be on Saturday)

  • Bring a flashlight – small sailboats need to carry a flashlight after sunset.  Shine it on your sails to light them up if you hear or see another boat approaching.
  • A full moon lights up the lake pretty well so you can probably be seen without the flashlight.  (but bring one anyway)
  • Usually the wind dies at sunset followed by a gentle breeze starting shortly thereafter.  Since the motorboats are off the water or restricted to no-wake speeds you can glide very well with very little wind
  • Members are welcome to bring a tent and camp out.
  • Moon set is around 3am, so plan to be off the water by then.
  • There may be some other activities, such as a campfire, sing-along, games, etc.  We’ll see…
  • Sunset is at 9:15.
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