Fleet and Facilities

Our facilities include a lakefront clubhouse with kitchen, bathrooms and changing rooms, and outdoor facilities with a large lawn, BBQ pit, picnic and swimming areas, hammocks, a floating dock, and a swimming raft.

Our two-person sailboat fleet includes:

  • 6 JY-15s
  • 2 Vanguard 15’s
  • 2 Albacores
  •  470s
  • 1 Flying Dutchman
  • 1 Hobie Getaway
  • 1 Hobie Wave catamaran


Our one-person sailboat fleet consists of seven Lasers, plus 2 Sunfish, a Phantom, and a Butterfly.  We also have smaller (4.7 and radial) sails for the Lasers in addition to the full-sized rigs..


We also have one Wayfarer, sailable by 2-5 people.

Our sailboard fleet includes:

  • Three Mistral Prodigies
  • Two F2 Phoenixes
  • One Quatro Freeride 150
  • One Starboard Go

We have a variety of sailboard sails in different sizes


Our paddlecraft fleet includes two canoes, three sit-in kayaks, two sit-on-top kayaks, and two stand-up paddleboards.


Plus we have a motorized pontoon boat and and bass boat for rescues and utility work.