Sail a new boat days

This Thursday evening and all day Saturday we’ll be hosting “Sail a new boat days” for our members. All of us have sailed a JY-15 and most of us have sailed a Laser, but the club has a bunch of other boats that are just as much fun.  We’re going to rig up all the “miscellaneous” boats and let members take a short (20-30) minute spin in them to see what they are like.  The boats are:

  • Phantom
  • Widgeon
  • Butterfly
  • Albacore
  • Vanguard 15
  • Hobie Wave
  • Hobie Getaway
  • Flying Junior
  • International 470
  • CL-16

If you’ve been curious about these other boats, come out Thursday or Saturday and give them  a try.  Who knows?  You might find a new favorite boat.



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